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SUBJECT: This FRUSTRATES men more than anything else
SUBJECT: Better to piss-off your man than to NOT do this
If you do something to a man that pisses him
off he'll likely get angry, blow his top and
then it is over. He moves on.

But if you do something that frustrates him
it is like a little splinter that has gotten
under his skin.

It is a little irritating but it is not bad
enough to take immediate action. But it does
start to fester and eventually the wound is
read hot and filled with puss.

==> Not doing this really irritates most men
You probably have one of those men who don't
share everything that is on his mind. Unless
it is really bad he won't freely share little
things that are bothering him.

In survey after survey men open up and share
that this ONE THING that women don't do for
them is extremely FRUSTRATING.
(*Hint - it does involve intimacy)

For many men it slowly eats them up inside
and can cause them to even break off a

If you care enough about your man you should
know what it is.

==> Not getting this slowly kills your man
Just like a great meal and some exercise can
give your man enough energy to pound the
pavement and work a hard day, this one thing
can help him overlook any flaws that might
be in you or your relationship. It is that

Your friend, 


P.S. If you sense any sort of tension between
you and your man this might be one of the root

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SUBJECT: This deepens intimacy with men
SUBJECT: Want to create a cement bond with your man?
For most women lovemaking is a deeply intimate
act. Not so for a lot of men.
That explains why you can have a wild night in
the sack and he'll roll over after he is done and
not even return your phone calls or texts.
For men, the act can simply be a feel good
stress release.
If you want it to become a deeply personal
cement-bonding connection for him there is one
thing you can do above all.
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This article explains how a simple (yet rare act)
can rewire a man's mind to become emotionally
and physically connected to you.
It is written by Michael Webb who was a long-time
love expert on the Oprah show and has coached
over ten thousand couples worldwide. He is a friend
of mine and one of the most respected experts in his field.
If you can master this you will nearly affair-proof and
break-proof your relationship with your man.
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Your friend,
P.S. If you think you already do this well, these tips
will take you to the next level of intimacy.

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SUBJECT: This is *dirtier* than I usually send out - but it's important
SUBJECT: The reason 44% of men might break up with a girlfriend
I normally don't send out *dirty* emails like this but
this topic is really important.
Whatever you want to call it "physical intimacy" is one
of the foundations of a healthy relationship. Done
right it deepens the bond. Done poorly (or outside of
expectations) it can tear you apart.
I recently saw a report in Men's Health magazine that
44% of men said they would break up with their
girlfriends if ____________ was missing from their
relationship (I'm trying to keep this email PG so I
can't type in that word.
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Let's be honest. Men are not the best communicators.
They expect you to read their minds and if something
is a gaping hole in your relationship he often won't talk
about it.
So just let me say that this issue is VERY important
to practically every man, even if he feels awkward talking
about it.
Learn how to do this for him and he'll be eternally
grateful, will be deeply connected to you and will have
increased joy in all areas of your relationship.
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Your friend
P.S. Sorry I had to be a bit cryptic. The topic is
actually very beautiful and wonderful in the right context.
It is actually not *dirty* at all but it can be treated that way.

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SUBJECT: This will BLOW your man's mind
SUBJECT: These tips will blow any man's mind
SUBJECT: This is how you make men's head spin
SUBJECT: Love tips to make men weak in the knees
It is no secret (to men at least) that the #1 thing they
fantasize about is receiving out-of-this-world head.
The lack of it is also their #1 regret in their relationship.
Women who can master this skill (and according to men,
less than 10% of women are exceptional at it) wield enormous
seductive power. Men are absolutely mesmerized and
weak-kneed around women who can give luxurious
pleasure with their mouths.
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Michael Webb (Oprah's love expert for many years) surveyed
over 100,000 men to learn the precise techniques that
would make their head spin. He compiled all that data
along with his own personal reflections and made it
available on his website
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If you want to make your man intoxicated with your love
techniques you must master the art of oral pleasure.
Do so and he'll beg you to stay with him forever and ever.
Your friend,
P.S. A great blow will literally make your man light-headed
and feeling slightly drunk and wanting to do ANYTHING
for you.

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